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Mini SQL 2.0 User Guide

Mini SQL, or mSQL, as is it often called, is a light weight relational database management system. It has been designed to provide rapid access to data sets with as little system overhead as possible. The system itself is comprised of a database server and various tools that allow a user or a client application to communicate with the server.

Although mSQL uses the Structured Query Language (SQL) as its query language, it does not provide a complete implementation of the ANSI standard SQL. Several features of SQL that are found in more recent versions of the ANSI standard an din more sophisticated database systems are not provided by mSQL. The incorporation of such features would be in conflict with the basic concept of mSQL (i.e. a Mini database system) and would also increase the load and system requirements needed to run the software.

The philosophy of mSQL has been to provide a database management system capable of rapidly handling simple tasks. It has not been developed for use in critical financial environments (banking applications for example). The software is capable of performing the supported operations with exceptional speed whilst utilizing very few system resources. Some database system require high-end hardware platforms and vast quantities of memory before they can provide rapid access to stored data. mSQL has been designed to provide exceptional data access performance on "small hardware" platforms (such as PC class hardware). Because of these characteristics, mSQL is well suited to the vast majority of data management tasks.

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