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Request Help by Submitting a Problem Report

Please use the form below to submit a problem report to the Blue Reef Virtual Server Problem Tracking System. The following fields must be filled out in order to submit a complete and accurate problem report. Click on the links for more help about how to fill in a particular field.

  1. Your Email Address:
    Please enter your email address so we can reply to your questions.

  2. Synopsis:
    What is the one-line summary of the problem?

  3. Severity:
    How severe is the problem?

  4. Category:
    How would you categorize the problem? (one or more)

  5. Environment:
    Where is the problem? With what virtual server account? What Virtual Subhosted domain (if applicable)?

    Account ID:
    Please enter your Virtual Server account name.

    Subhosted Domain (if applicable):

    Other information (optional):
    If you are experiencing difficulty accessing your Virtual Server, please include the IP address or hostname of the ISP you use to connect to the Internet.

  6. Description:
    Please give a precise description of the problem.

  7. How-To-Repeat:
    Please give example code, input, or activities to reproduce the problem. Include all the details that would be necessary for someone else to recreate the problem reported, however obvious.

  8. Fix:
    If you have a fix or workaround for the problem please give it below.

  9. Confidentiality:
    Your problem report will be held strictly confidential. However, when your problem report has been closed (i.e. the problem has been resolved and a solution provided), it may be made publicly available in our searchable Knowledge Base to other customers (your personal information will not be included in the Knowledge Base). logo
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