Precisely describe of the problem.

Don't for get to detail the precise location of the problem including specific paths to files and directories when referenced. Other pertinent information may include machine architecture, operating system, host and target types, libraries, pathnames, etc.


"My files don't seem to be sending in secure mode. I'm trying to send all the files located in the following directory to be sent via SSL:


When I access the files using '', the browser doesn't show the files as being secure.

I set up SSL on my server. What am I doing wrong?"

Include any special configurations we should be aware of. For example, if you have changed your default Virtual Server settings, please detail them here as relevant to the situation.

Remember: It is better to provide a little more information than you think is necessary to solve the problem. This will help us to pinpoint and solve the exact problem as quickly as possible. If we have to contact you to obtain more information, it will only delay the solution to your problem even more.