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Remote Administration

A Blue Reef Virtual Server allows you to have a dedicated presence on the Internet and maintain it remotely via a low cost dial-up connection.

Blue Reef provides several custom methods you can use to remotely manage and administrate your Blue Reef Virtual Server. These methods are each presented below.

Our most comprehensive tool is ACE. ACE is a powerful but easy to use java application, available for use on most OS platforms. It allows the Virtual Server administrator to perform the most common administration tasks using an intuitive graphical user interface.

Telnet/Secure Shell (SSH)
Providing shell account access to our Virtual Servers is a fundamental part of our philosophy. By using a Telnet or SSH client, you can connect to your Virtual Server from anywhere in the world, and log in as if you were sitting right in front it.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Blue Reef allows you to use FTP to upload content to or download from your Virtual Server. There are almost an innumerable amount of FTP clients available on the Internet (most are freeware or shareware) which you can use.

Windows File Sharing
The Windows Fileshare support allows you to "drag-and-drop" files to your Virtual Server. This feature also allows you to delete, copy, and move files on your Virtual Server as if it were a local drive, simply by using the Windows Explorer interface.

Virtual Server Administration
For more help with Virtual Server administration, see:


Administrative Utilities

13 basic UNIX commands

Configuring your Web Server

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Apache Server Bible


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