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Virtual Server Basics
Virtual Server Basics Overview
Quick Start
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Remote Administration
Telnet and SSH
UNIX Commands
Unix File SystemUnix File System
Configure your web server
Creating Email and FTP User Accounts
Email AliasesEmail Aliases
Configuring Email ClientsConfiguring Email Clients
Domain Registration
Domain Transfers
Uploading Files
Retrieving Backups
Statistical Reports
Server Add-ons to enhance your web application development
Recommended Books
Recommended Software
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Virtual Server Basics

This section helps you interact with your Virtual Private Server, including its operating system, Apache web server, mail servers, ftp server, and more.

Learn to set up user accounts, install additional software, restore files from backup, and more.
Quick Start Four easy steps for getting started with our Virtual Private Servers
Remote Administration Blue Reef offers several methods which you can use to remotely manage your Virtual Server.
Using Telnet/Secure Shell (SSH) With Telnet/SSH access, you can login and control your server as though you were sitting at the console. You will need to use this to install many of our software add-ons.
Easy UNIX Commands These easy UNIX Commands help you to administer your Virtual Server. These commands are some of the fastest ways to control your server.
User Accounts
(Email & FTP)
Create email/ftp accounts as soon as you get your new Server.
Email Aliases Email aliases let your forward email addresses to any email account.
Configuring Email Clients Configure your email client software to send and retrieve your email from your personal computer.
HTML Help & Web Design use this collection of handy tutorials and style guides on the HyperText Markup Language (HTML),
Domain Registration Status Check your domain name registration status with our convenient on-line form.
Domain Transfers If you are transferring your existing domain to a new Blue Reef Virtual Server System, these guidelines may be helpful.
Files Uploads Upload files to your Virtual Server using FTP or a variety of methods.
Backup Retrieval Restore files directly from our primary and secondary backups (on disk) as well as requesting file retrieval from the tertiary backups (on tape).
Server Logs Server activity, including web site traffic, is stored in your server's logs.
Server Add-ons Extend your server's ability with popular add-on technologies such as Microsoft FrontPage Extensions, mSQL, PHP, JavaScript, Miva Empresa, Macromedia Flash, RealAudio, and more.
Recommended Books and Software These books and software will give you the extra knowledge, ideas, and inspiration to make your Internet presence spectacular and profitable.
Frequent Questions Download and print out the Virtual Server FAQ.
White Papers Peruse white papers on technical subjects such as Microsoft Exchange, antispam features, and PostgreSQL databases.
Virtual Server Handbook The Blue Reef Virtual Server Administrator Handbook contains valuable information about your Virtual Server's abilities as well as steps for secure and easy maintenance of your Virtual Server.
Request Help Our Support Problem Tracking System will insure that your question receives prompt attention.

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