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Blue Reef has compiled several links to on-line resources which will be helpful for the both HTML novice and expert. If you come across a resource that you have found to be quite valuable, email the Blue Reef webmaster your link suggestion. We welcome your input and suggestions.

HTML References
On-line HTML references are an excellent resource for beginners as well as a convenient reference for more experienced developers. The following links comprise a small list of HTML references:
A Beginner's Guide to HTML - NCSA
This is a primer for producing documents in HTML, it is an excellent starting point.
Introduction to HTML - UTIRC
An excellent presentation of HTML as well as other elements of web authoring. The index on this site makes finding information very simple.
Yahoo's directory of Design and Layout
A few dozen links that describe people's personal taste on HTML design and layout -- not to be taken religiously.
View Source
The best way to learn HTML is by viewing the source of documents created by someone else. If you see something you like, view the source and see how it was done (but please honor any copyright notifications that you encounter).


HTML Style Guide Books
Books are excellent resources to have on hand when designing your sites. Many books have their own URL so you can view updated content after the book has been published. Some even include CD-ROMs with code examples and trial versions of popular HTML and graphics editors.

Refer to our Recommended Books section for lists and descriptions of excellent books.

HTML Editors/Tools
There are numerous graphical tools available to help you construct your web pages. Links to several HTML editor programs and HTML editor directories are provided.
Popular Graphical Editors
Netscape Composer, HoTMetaL Pro 5.0 NetObjects Fusion, Adobe PageMill, Allaire HomeSite, Adobe GoLive, and Microsoft FrontPage. To purchase the latest copy of any of these software titles at discounted prices, please call us at 305-274-8393.
Stroud's List - Windows 95/98/NT HTML Editors
A fairly good presentation of some of today's more popular HTML editors. Reviews and ratings are provided as well as links to vendor sites and evaluation versions.
Browsers, Viewers, & HTML Preparation Resources - UTIRC
A large compilation of HTML editors and tools. The listings include a description of system requirements, license and version information, and price. A good resource but is a bit dated.
Yahoo's List of Editors
A somewhat hodgepodge collection of HTML editors.
This is only a small sample of Web publisher programs. You can find additional programs by typing "HTML editor" into any good search engine.


Bluereef Webmaster Favorites
Below is a list of resources that the Blue Reef Webmasters use more than occasionally. This list is merely a "snapshot" of tools that we find very useful. You are always free to use whatever resources you find most helpful.

Books Anything by O'Reilly and QuickStart
O'Reilly and Associates publishes some of the finest technical manuals around. The books easily explain complex material, yet provide fully nourishing information and examples for your brain. QuickStart is more like the "junk food" of the books: quick, fast, easy, and tasty, but not as good for you in the long term. We use QuickStart manuals as quick reference handbooks for coding after we have read more thorough and "nutritious" books.

Refer to our books section for more details on all our favorites.
Editors Dreamweaver, 1-4-All, and TextPad
Macromedia's Dreamweaver is an excellent site management and design program that lets us edit our code in an external editor while still using the advanced template and DHTML features. 1-4-All is a highly-customizable HTML editor which allows you to create custom buttons for those frequent snippets of codes you use. TextPad is wonderful text editor, perfect for editing Perl scripts and configuration files. With colored syntax coding and line numbering, Textpad has a slew of features.
Graphics Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady
While many say PaintShop Pro is sufficient for their needs, we love the rich features of Adobe Photoshop. The wide variety of plug-ins for Photoshop add to its appeal.
Image Maps Mapedit
For client-side image maps, Boutell.Com, Inc.'s Mapedit is a steal at $25.
URLs Here are a handful of URLs that have stayed in my Bookmark list on a consistent basis:

NCSA HTTPd documentation
Apache Documentation and Resources
User Authentication Tutorial
JavaScript Authoring Guide

The Virtual Server Handbook is filled with other excellent links and resources as well.



Uploading files to your server

Creating FTP user accounts

Administration utilities

Using FrontPage extensions

JavaScript tools

Java tools

CGI Add-ons

Database tools

Multimedia tools

Recommended HTML books

Recommended DHTML books

Recommended Graphic Design Books


HTML 4 for the World Wide Web:
Visual QuickStart Guide


Creative HTML Design


Creating Cool HTML 4 Web Pages


Creating Dynamic Web Sites:
A Webmaster's Guide to Interactive Multimedia


Web Pages That Suck


Creating Killer Web Sites, Second Edition

Building Web Sites with XML

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