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Quick Start to getting your Web Site Up

1. Review your email configuation letter
This letter contains important details regarding your IP address, login ID, and your server type.

2. Upload Content to Your Virtual Server
There are several methods to upload web site content and other files to your Virtual Server. Instructions for FTP clients like WS_FTP and Fetch, and for other methods like Windows File Sharing are presented here.

3. Check your domain status
Next, test your web site has been using your domain, temporary domain, or IP address. If you are transferring a domain from another provider, please see our instructions here.

4. Create E-mail and FTP User Accounts
Depending on the type of your Virtual Server, you have the ability to setup e-mail aliases, e-mail POP accounts, and FTP user accounts. It's very easy to do by following our step-by-step instructions.

5. Review our Support Section
Our Support section covers myriad functions of your Virtual Server, extra software, and ways to improve your web site performance. Virtually everything you need to know is included in the Server Configuration Help and Add-On Help sections of our web site. Topics covered include web server configuration, virtual subhost configuration, Virtual Server administration, the Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions, Java and Perl 5, and much, much more.

Administration utilities

Creating virtual subhosts

Server Add-ons

Configuring your Virtual Server

Getting your own Name Server

Recommended Server Books


Webmaster in a Nutshell:
Deluxe Edition

Unix : Visual QuickStart Guide

Apache Server Bible

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