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Domain Name Registration

Transferring Domain Registrars
If your domain is already registered with another domain registrar, like Network Solutions, we can transfer your registra to us for a $2 transfer fee, plus only $15/year for the registration. Regardless of when your domain's current registration expires, you can still tranfer the registrar to us and you will not have to renew until your domain expires. Contact our sales staff to request your domain registrar be transferred to Blue Reef.

New Domain Registration
Blue Reef can register .com, .net, and .org domains for you and your clients for only $15/year! You do not need to add your domain to a Virtual Server to take advantage of this great low price.

But. when when you do add a domain to any of your Blue Reef Virtual Servers, we will give you the first year's registration FREE when you register your domain for two years or more!
  1. Is your Domain already taken?
    See if the domain you want has already been registered:.

  2. Register your domain
  3. Complete the Registration
    Your email Configuration Letter contains some specific information about the domain name you included with your Virtual Server.
      Nameserver 1 hostname:   NS1.BLUEREEF.NET
      Nameserver 1 IP address:
      Nameserver 2 hostname:   NS2.BLUEREEF.NET
      Nameserver 2 IP address:
  4. Wait
    It will take some time (perhaps one day or so) for your new domain name to begin resolving on the Internet.

Transferring Your Domain

Getting your own Virtual Name Server

Quick Start to get your Web Site up and Running

Managing your Virtual Server Remotely

Configuring your Web Server


The Domain Name Handbook;
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