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Create Email and FTP User Accounts

This document is for those who wish to manage their server via telnet/SSH. To use a simpler graphical interface, use iManager web interface.

Adding Users
The following commands deal directly with users and their profiles. Each command is explained in detail later:
NOTE: The Solaris Virtual Server password file (~/etc/passwd) format mirrors the native Solaris format. Additional services (such as FTP and email) and per-service quota controls will be found in the privileges file (~/etc/vpriv.conf).

For the Solaris Virtual Server, each account in the password file has a corresponding entry in the privileges file listing enabled services and per-service quotas.

Use "vadduser" to add users and modify existing users' profiles.

From a Telnet prompt, enter:

% vadduser

NOTE: Good passwords are essential to your server's security. See our guidelines for effective passwords.

NOTE: FTP and e-mail services are added to each user account by default. If you want the user account to have both FTP and e-mail privileges, just hit the "Enter" key when asked to accept the defaults.

For the user to have FTP privileges only; deselect the mail privileges by entering "mail". For the user to have email privileges only; deselect the ftp prvileges by entering "ftp". If you need to add a service not currently in the list enclosed by the square brackets ([]), then type the service (mail or ftp) and hit the enter key.

If the user account will be accessed via IMAP instead of POP, then FTP service must be enabled.

Other Commands

vlistuser Lists the userson your Virtual Server.
% vlistuser
vrmuser Removes a user from your Virtual Server. % vrmuser
vpasswd Changes a users password.
% vpasswd [username]

Access Email via SSL

Email Aliases

Selecting good passwords

Changing passwords with poppass

Configuring Email for Subhosts

Email Utilities

POP-before-SMTP Anti-Spam Measure

Blocking email from specific addresses

Implementing Microsoft Exchange Mail-on-Demand

Clearing your email queue

Maintaing your email queue


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