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Technical Support Overview

If you don't find what you need here, submit a question to the Blue Reef Problem Tracking System to ensure your question is directed immediately to a member of the support staff that specializes in the subject of your inquiry.

Support Policies Details about our Support Policies explain your support rights as a Blue Reef Virtual Server customer.
Request Help Please email the Blue Reef Support Staff should you have any questions. We value your comments and desire to help you in any way possible.
Quick Start Five Steps to get your web site up and running on your new Virtual Server as fast as possible.
Virtual Server Basics Virtual Server Basics will help familiarize you with your Virtual Private Server's operating system, its basic commands, setting up user accounts, and common system adminstration tasks.
Web Server Configuration Apache web server configuration will help you manage the tasks related to delivering a web site in a browser. Topics include setting your server's time zone, server side includes (SSI), language settings, mime types, and more.

The Advanced Topics section covers ways to extend the basic Apache web server through modules.
Virtual Web Hosting Add virtual subhosts to your server and learn to manage their email and ftp services.
Server Add-ons Extend the functions of your Virtual Server through popular third-party Server Add-ons like PHP, Miva, database tools, Majordomo, FrontPage, ASP, and more.
CGI Scriptorium Free CGI scripts such as imagemaps, comments forms, guestlists, search engines, counters, and more.
Featured Solutions These featured solutions highlight new or existing features of the Virtual Private Sever.
Support Archive and White Papers Answers to your clever questions often become part of the Virtual Server Support Archive. Plus, whitepapers on technical subjects such as Microsoft Exchange, antispam features, and postgreSQL databases.
Frequent Questions Your Frequently Asked Questions on a variety of topics
Recommended Books Great books are one of the best ways to become a better server administrator and webmaster. We've selected a few to highlight, including our favorites.
Online Handbook The Blue Reef Virtual Server Administrator Handbook is available on-line as a PDF document. Keep it on hand! (This is currently being updated. You may find more current information on our web site instead.)

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Administering Web Servers, Security and Maintenance

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