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Site Traffic Statistical Reports

Detailed information about your web site traffic allows you to adapt your web site to your visitors' needs. Our Virtual Server system allows you to easily obtain all the statistical information you need to know about usage of your web site.

Log File Types
Your Virtual Server logs all the traffic at your Web site to log files located on your server. Those log files are located in the ~/usr/local/etc/httpd/logs directory on your Virtual Server. Virtual Servers are configured by default to log in the Combined Log Format. All information is logged to these two log files:


Log File Analysis Programs
The actual data logged in the web server log files is in a raw data format. To make any sense of it, you need a log file analysis program to process and analyze it for you. Fortunately there are numerous programs that will do just that.

UNIX Programs
Blue Reef provides you with four free analysis tools that reside on your server, listed alphabetically here:
These programs analyze your web server log files and then create HTML, text, or even e-mail reports of your Virtual web server traffic. They have been preconfigured for easy installation are are free to you.

PC Programs
Blue Reef offers discounts on an easy statistical analysis program that runs on your own PC: WebTrends. WebTrends produces attractive graphical reports of your your web site traffic. Simply configure the program to automatically download your Virtual server log files to your PC and create predefined statistical reports. Those reports can remain on your PC, or be automatically uploaded back to your Virtual Server. You can order WebTrends from our Order Web Site.

Managing Your Log files
Your Virtual Web Server log files are augmented each time your web site is accessed. If you are not regularly managing these log files they can grow to be quite large and eventually consume all your available disk space. There are several utilities provided to manage your web server log files.

    Setting Log Formats
    Change your log format to any type you choose.

    Clearing log files

    This utility will empty your log files for you.

    Rotating log files
    This utility will help you rotate older log file using temporary files to store older data.

    Regularly Clearing Your Log files Using Cron
    This tutorial will help you use cron to automatically manage your log files


Virtual Server Basics

Server Configuration

Server Add-ons

Configuring Server Logs

Rotating Server Logs

Scheduled Log Maintenance with Cron


Web Site Stats: Tracking Hits and Analyzing Web Traffic
Web Site Stats:
Tracking Hits and Analyzing Web Traffic

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The Web Traffic Bible:
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