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Change POP passwords with Poppassd

Our Virtual Servers support "poppass" service, the Eudora change password server. Using the poppass service, or poppassd, users of the virtual POP server can automatically change their POP passwords from inside their Eudora mail clients or other mail clients that support the Eudora password changing mechanism.

The service requires no installation on the Virtual Server -- it has already been installed and is ready for use. Simply select the "Change Password" option from the menu of your compliant mail client to access the poppassd feature.

Using the poppassd service
The following graphics illustrate how you (or your clients) can change a password remotely. The graphics are captured from Eudora Light version 3.0.

Select the "Special" pull-down menu and the "Change Password" menu item

You may have to first authenticate with your current password

After you have authenticated, enter your new password

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PGP: Pretty Good Privacy
PGP: Pretty Good Privacy

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