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Majordomo is a Perl program written by Brent Chapman of Great Circle Associates to handle routine administration of Internet mailing lists.
Installing Majordomo
To install Majordomo, Telnet or SSH to your Virtual Server and do the following:
  1. Install Perl 5 on your Virtual Server.

  2. Install the Majordomo file on your FreeBSD-based server:

      % vinstall majordomo
  3. Change the permission on the directories usr, usr/local, usr/local/majordomo and usr/local/majordomo/Lists to 755:
      % chmod 755 usr
      % chmod 755 usr/local
      % chmod 755 usr/local/majordomo
      % chmod 755 usr/local/majordomo/Lists
  4. In the file, change the definition of the $whereami variable from YourCompany.COM to your domain name (see line 2). You can do this by using pico, a simple, easy to use UNIX text editor:
      % pico ~/usr/local/majordomo/
    Feel free to edit any other configuration variable in usr/local/majordomo/ to your liking.

  5. Edit your etc/aliases and add aliases like the following:

      #Majordomo Stuff 
      majordomo: "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper majordomo" owner-majordomo: list_manager_e-mail_address majordomo-owner: list_manager_e-mail_address
  6. Run the command vnewaliases to update the aliases database:

      % vnewaliases
Now that you have installed Majordomo on your Virtual Server, it would be very wise to read the documentation before you attempt to create mailing lists.

The Blue Reef Web Hosting Web Development Team has prepared a version of the majordomo interface Majorcool to be installed on the Virtual Servers.

There are various other Web interfaces to Majordomo available.
Majordomo is certainly not the be-all, end-all solution for managing mailing lists. For example, Soft Ventures has developed a simple mail list server for Windows 95 and Windows NT called SVList. SVList is is a mailing list server designed for use with any PC running Windows 95/NT and having a SMTP mail server (such as the one included with your Virtual Server). Using SVList you can easily set up your own mail list.

Majordomo is not for the faint at heart. Please review the following files before you attempt to use Majordomo.
    NOTE: All questions sent to the Support Staff with regard to Majordomo mailing list configuration will be answered with a URL to this page.
    has information for list owner to get them started using majordomo and the config files.

    This file is the chapter about Majordomo from the Nutshell Handbook Managing Internet Information Services, written by Jerry Peek. The chapter is (c) Copyright 1994 by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., and was included in the Majordomo distribution by permission of the publisher.

    This chapter is a good introduction to setting up the majordomo software, be warned that it does not cover much of the list operation details under 1.90 that deal with config files. Then again the config files are supposed to be self documenting. A newer version of this chapter that has been updated for 1.90 is in the works, and should make it into the "Managing Internet Information Services" book. This newer chapter should be available via ftp in due time. Stay tuned to the majordomo-announce or majordomo-users mailing list for details.
    The original Majordomo paper from the USENIX LISA VI conference in October, 1992. While this paper is somewhat out of date (some of the details about how Majordomo works have changed, and many of the items mentioned as "to be implemented later" have since been implemented), it remains a valuable introduction to Majordomo's basic form and structure.

    The Majordomo FAQ.

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