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Installing FrontPage Extensions for Virtual Subhosts

Virtual subhosts can have the Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions installed in their home directories. These server extensions are fully functional and give your virtual subhost users access to all features FrontPage 2000.

Installing FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions for your subhosted domain names is easy. Use the same fp2kinstall command that you used to install the FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions on your Virtual Server. After installing the server extensions on the Virtual Server (or checking to see that the server extensions are already installed), the install program will then prompt you for the virtual subhost domains which you want the server extensions also installed.

If you installed the FrontPage 2000 HTML Administration Forms when you installed FrontPage 2000, you can use the online forms to create subwebs for your subhosted domain names. Simply access the following URL:

Removing FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions

If you ever need to remove the FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions from a Virtual Subhost, use the fp2kuninstall command:
    % fp2kuninstall

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