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Microsoft® FrontPage® Extensions

Microsoft FrontPage makes it easy to produce professional quality web sites. With powerful tools such as built in image mapping, spell checking, WebBot components, and a familiar interface (like other Microsoft Office applications), you can get great results fast.

To take advantage of FrontPage's web components, you will need FrontPage extensions installed on your server. Blue Reef offers both the FrontPage 98 and FrontPage 2000 extensions in their entirety and completely free of charge.

The FrontPage product is an excellent tool for our Customers who are interested in quickly creating and easily maintaining web sites on the Blue Reef Virtual Server System.

Please review the following documents to use FrontPage Extensions with your Virtual Server:


Server Add-ons

Admin Utilities

Configuring Virtual Subhosts

Recommended FrontPage Books

Recommended HTML/Design Books


Frontpage 2000 for Windows (Visual Quickstart Guide)

Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft FrontPage 2000

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