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Digital Certificates

A Digital Certificate is normally used in tandem with SSL. A Digital Certificate is a document which gives your customers the assurance that your Web Site is legitimately yours and not an impostor's. A Digital Certificate will also provide you with a legal basis for transactions on the Internet.

The Secure Server (httpsd) you order from Blue Reef has a Digital Certificate embedded in the binary. This certificate contains information about who owns the certificate (company name, domain name, contact address, etc) as well as information about the issuing authority (Thawte, VeriSign, etc). Because the certificate is embedded in the web server binary, you can only support one Digital Certificate per Virtual Server. Therefore, virtual subhosts which share the same Virtual Server must also share the same Digital Certificate.
    Expired Certificates
    If you have a Netscape 3.x or Internet Explorer 3.x version or earlier browser, your Thawte brand web server certificate root expired on July 31, 1998. The VeriSign brand site certificates that came with 3.X browsers expired on Dec 31, 1999. Visit the respective sites to update your browser's certificate root.

    If you have a 4.x or later version browser, the certificate roots will be valid until the year 2020.
Obtaining Digital Certificates
To use a Thawte digital certificate, Blue Reef offers a simplified installation process.

To use a VeriSign Digital Certificate, please see our page on Obtaining Digital Certificates.

Installing Digital Certificates
You may also install your own Digital Certificate

Ordering Thawte Certificates

Secure Server (SSL)

Miva Marchant Server

Merchant Accounts

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