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CyberCash CashRegister 3
Processing Gateway

This document contains the following sections:
NOTE: Due to the acquisition of CyberCash by VeriSign, you can no longer create new CyberCash Merchant accounts. At this time, VeriSign is not planning to deactivate current CyberCash payment systems, although this is subject to change at VeriSign's discretion.

If you need a new credit card processing gateway, we recommend you try Authorize.Net.


The CyberCash CashRegister 3 Service (CR 3) is the on-line equivalent of a cash register and Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal for credit card processing. The CyberCash Gateway connects to the existing infrastructure of banks, financial networks, and payment processors.

Unlike physical POS systems, CyberCash substitutes an on-line payment mechanism for an in-store (e.g. card-swipe) payment terminal. Besides enabling secure credit card processing, CR 3 provides merchants with important administrative functions including manual card processing, transaction status checking, and database functions to support balancing, accounting and inventory.

For the new CashRegister 3 service, all you need is the Merchant Connection Kit (MCK) to connect your storefront to the CashRegister 3 service. CyberCash does the rest.

Before the merchant makes a commitment to use CyberCash, by way of an investment of time and/or money, the merchant should understand that to completely integrate CyberCash CR 3 with an existing storefront requires some CGI programming.

More information about the features and benefits of the CashRegister 3 Service and the Merchant Connection Kit is available at the CyberCash web site.

Setting up CyberCash
To setup a CyberCash merchant account, perform the following steps. In these instructions, "the merchant", refers to the business desiring CyberCash support, be it you or one of your customers.
    Steps 1 and 2 of the setup process may be completed concurrently.

  1. The merchant must have an Internet merchant account with a CyberCash-participating bank or financial institution. If the merchant's own bank is a participating financial institution, then the merchant's bank must fax CyberCash a "Merchant CyberCash Setup Form". If the merchant's bank does not support CyberCash, then the merchant may want to consider choosing one from the list of financial institutions that support CyberCash.

  2. The merchant must register as a new CyberCash user and accept the online service agreements. During this registration process, the merchant will be given a CyberCash ID (CCID), and when prompted, the merchant should choose to define his CCID as a "Merchant using an MDP", and then select Blue Reef Consulting as the Merchant Development Partner.

  3. After the merchant completes the online registration and CyberCash receives the setup form from the merchant's financial institution, they will issue the merchant a "Secret" and "Direct Connection Key".

  4. If the merchant is not using a commercial application to build its store, or the application that the merchant is using does not come with CyberCash support, then the merchant must supply us ( with the following information and we will install the CyberCash MCK (Merchant Connector Kit) scripts on the merchant's server:

    1. Company name and CCID
    2. Hash secret and Direct Connection Key
    3. Store URL

  5. Once Blue Reef receives this information from you, we will install MCK 3.2 on the merchant's Virtual Server and send the merchant (or the merchant's Reseller) the URL to their online CashRegister, their configuration information, and instructions on performing certain test transactions.

  6. At this point, the merchant is responsible for managing transactions via their online CashRegister Service (a.k.a. Merchant Administration Server) and integrating the CyberCash scripts with their storefront. Integration does require CGI programming, so the merchant must be able to program in Perl or 'C'. Documentation is available to help the merchant manage the Admin Server and integrate MCK with their online order processing:

    1. Merchant Connection Kit(PDF)
    2. Merchant Services Guide (a.k.a. Developer Guide)

    If the merchant is using a commercial application to build their its store, and that application comes with CyberCash support, then we do not need to install the MCK on the merchant's Virtual Server. Instead, the merchant will enter his registration information (e.g. CCID, Secret, and Key) into the setup forms provided by the commercial application, and the application will install the MCK for them. The merchant will manage his credit card transactions via their online CashRegister Service (a.k.a. Merchant Administration Server) and the application's admin utilities.

  7. Once the CyberCash services are setup, the merchant must perform certain test transactions. When the merchant is satisfied with the results of these test transactions and is ready to go live, the merchant (or the merchant's Reseller) must return to the registration site and follow the instructions for going live.
The CyberCash web site also has a description of this procedure.

The CyberCash MCK which is installed on the Virtual Server does support Virtual Hosting. However, each virtually hosted user that will to use CyberCash must independently register with CyberCash.

CyberCash CGI Programming Requirements
Integrating the CashRegister 3 Service with an existing storefront will require some technical expertise (e.g. Perl, C++, HTML). The introduction to the CyberCash developers guide states:
"To use this guide, you need computer programming experience. Specifically, you should be able to write programs in C, C++, Perl, or ASP." (Merchant Services Guide, p.2)
If neither the merchant nor the Blue Reef Customer/Developer possesses programming skills, you should consider NetSolutions' Authorize.Net, which requires little or no programming.

Another alternative is to purchase a storefront creation package, like OpenMarket's ShopSite, which has the CyberCash scripts already integrated in their forms. Thus, with the help of web driven wizards, the merchant can easily setup a storefront with integrated CyberCash support. This solution is most attractive to those who are starting from scratch, but may also be helpful to those with plans on expanding the functionality of their existing storefront.

Technical Support
Technical assistance for CyberCash can be found at the CyberCash Merchant Support Area or by sending email to CyberCash Merchant Support.

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