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Processing Credit Cards

In order to process your web site orders immediately, you may want to implement real-time credit card processing in your web storefront.

To ensure successful and low-risk credit card transactions, we recommend you install secure sockets layer (SSL) on your Virtual Server.

About the Merchant Account
Before you can accept credit cards on your web site, you'll need a merchant account with a bank that will authorize you to accept credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard. Blue Reef offers you merchant accounts if you do not already have one.

Many banks will not grant you a merchant account if you have been in business for under three years, have a small bank account balance, have a poor credit history, have filed for bankruptcy, or are an Internet-based business (you only exist on the Internet). Blue Reef, on the other hand, has made special arrangements to help you get a merchant account under most circumstances.

If you can't get your own merchant account, there are companies that will grant you a "proxy" merchant account in which they'll let you "borrow" their merchant account. You'll often pay higher monthly and transaction fees for a proxy merchant account than for your own merchant account.

Payment Processing Gateway
Once you have a merchant account, you'll need a way to process the customer's credit card information so that you can close the deal. To process the card, you'll need access to a processing network.

Card-swipe terminals are the most common interface to a processing network but don't allow you to automatically process orders through the Internet. We offer you two different low-cost options for access to card processing networks through the Internet:


NOTE: Note: If you choose to get an account with a processing network other than Authorize.Net or CyberCash, be aware there are significant differences in the security services you may receive. Some companies will only check to see if the customer's card number is valid. Other companies check to see if the card is valid and has an available credit limit. Be sure to choose the latter for the greatest financial protection.

Get a Merchant Account

Learn more about getting your own merchant account here.

if you already have a merchant account,
select a payment processing solution below:

Miva Marchant Server

Merchant Accounts

Secure Server (SSL)

Digital Certificates

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