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Perl 5

Your Virtual Server includes the Perl 5 binaries.


We recommend you do not use the Perl 4 interpreter unless absolutely necessary. You should install the Perl 5 interpreter instead.

Perl 5 Installation
You should already have the Perl5 Standard Libraries installed at ~/usr/local/lib/perl5. If not, or if you wish to re-install them, follow the directions below:

Simply Telnet or SSH to your Virtual Server and run the following:
    % vinstall perl5
Uninstalling Perl 5
If you would like to remove the Perl5 Standard Libraries you may do so by running the following command
    % vrmperl
Perl5 Modules Available!
We have created an easy way for you to install the most commonly requested Perl5 modules on your Virtual Server. This group of modules include:
  • perl-lwp - perl-lwp contains the LWP (Library for WWW access in Perl) modules as well as their dependencies. Note that Bundle::libnet (perl-libnet below) is required for optimal performance.
  • perl-mysql - perl-mysql contains the DBD::mysql database driver for Perl's DBI module (which must be installed separately, using vcpan).
  • perl-pg - perl-pg contains Pg and DBD::Pg, two Perl5 modules built to access PostgreSQL databases. DBD::Pg is for use with Perl's DBI module (which you must install separately) while Pg is for standalone access to Postgres.
  • perl-msql (FreeBSD only) - perl-msql includes all the necessary Perl libraries to talk to an mSQL database via Perl's DBI module (which must be installed separately, using vcpan).
  • perl-dbd_oracle (Solaris only) - perl-dbd_oracle includes all the necessary Perl libraries to talk to an Oracle database.
  • perl-libnet - This is a collection of Perl5 modules which provides a simple and consistent programming interface (API) to the client side of various protocols used in the internet community.
  • perl-gd - This is an autoloadable interface module for libgd, a popular library for creating and manipulating PNG files. With this library you can create PNG images on the fly or modify existing files.
  • perl-xml_parser - XML::Parser is an XML parser written in Perl. (It makes use of Expat, so Expat must be installed on your server if you're going to use XML::Parser. Use vinstall expat.)

To install any of the perl modules listed above, connect to your server via Telnet or SSH and execute the following command.:
    % vinstall MODULE-NAME
If you find that you require a module that is not included Perl5 Standard Libraries or the perlpac1 distribution you may be able use the vcpan utility to install it. The vcpan utility is a wrapper around the perl5 -MCPAN -e shell command that automates module download and installation. To launch vcpan into interactive mode, do the following.
    % vcpan
    NOTE: If you receive an "out of memory" error while running vcpan, you may temporarily extend your memory limits by invoking the unlimit command (also available on certain shells as ulimit):

      % unlimit
      % vcpan
To access the vcpan online help, do this:
    % vcpan -h

Perl Documentation
The perldoc utility, which you can use to view Perl5 module documentation, on your Virtual Server, links in a variety of required terminal macro definitions as well as a bunch of groff/troff/nroff files required for proper man (manual) page formatting.
    % vinstall perldoc
Once installed, you may run the following command to access documentation for your favorite Perl5 module. Substitute your favorite Perl5 module name for Module::Favorite below.
    % virtual perldoc Module::Favorite
Installing Your Own Perl 5 Modules
We've provided more information and instructions about Perl5 module installation and CPAN .

Installing your own Perl Modules

Installing mod_perl Apache Module


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