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Java, a programming language created by Sun Microsystems, offers many benefits to Internet programmers and application developers. As a byte-compiled language, Java is completely portable; you can execute the same Java code (or Java class) on a wide range of operating system platforms. Java is much faster than interpreted languages (TCL, Perl, et al), but cannot run as fast as fully compiled languages (C, C++).

With the Java Development Kit (JDK), you can:
  • Write software on one platform and run it on another.
  • Create programs to run within a web browser.
  • Develop server-side applications for online forums, stores, polls, processing HTML forms, and more.
There are several versions of the JDK that can be installed, or are already installed, on your Virtual Server. The JDK contains the Java compiler and Java executable, as well as the bulk of the standard Java libraries.

JDK 1.1


This JDK is already installed on your FreeBSD Virtual Server. The compiler can be run by using this command:
    % javac
The virtual machine can be run by using this command:
    % java
To install JDK 1.1 on your Solaris Virtual Server, run this command:
    % vinstall jdk1.1.8

You must install this yourself on your FreeBSD Virtual Server. Please note that we do not provide technical support for this installation or problems arising from it. You can find more information here:

We support JDK 2 on our Solaris Virtual Servers. To install JDK 2, enter this command:
    % vinstall j2sdk

Java Servlets and JSPs

Java Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP) technology gives Web developers a simple, consistent mechanism for extending the functionality of a Web server. A servlet can almost be considered an applet that runs on the server side. JSP is a server-side technology that is an extension to the Java Servlet technology. JSPs have dynamic scripting capabililty that works in tandem with HTML code, separating the page logic from the static elements--the actual design and display of the page.

Sample Java Applets
See also our Java Library for sample applets.

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