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Web Development Suites

The following development suites are a combination of server-side engines and powerful scripting languages. These tools are available free for your use.

ASP - Active Server Pages. An open, compile-free application environment in which you can combine HTML, scripts, and component calls to create dynamic and powerful Web-based business solutions
ColdFusion - a popular web applications development tool, based on XML, that uses a tag-based, server scripting language that is ideal for programming Web applications. Available on our Solaris virtual servers.
Java - a byte-compiled language that is completely portable across operating systems
Java Servlets/JSP - provides Web developers with a simple, consistent mechanism for extending the functionality of a Web server
Miva Miva - By using Miva Script, an XML-based scripting language, with the Miva Empressa engine, you can quickly turn out powerful applications.
PHP's server-side scripting language allows one to write simple scripts and embed them directly in HTML files. With support for various databases, PHP makes it much easier to develop database-enabled web pages.
Perl - a language of choice for World Wide Web development, text processing, Internet services, mail filtering, systems administration, and more
  Python - an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language and is often compared to Tcl and Perl

Configuring Miva for Subhosts

Database Solutions

CGI Scriptorium

Server Add-ons


Official Miva Web-Scripting Book
Official Miva Web-Scripting Book: Shopping Carts, Feedback Forms, Guestbooks, and More


Building Database Applications on the Web Using PHP3
Building Database Applications on the Web Using PHP3


PHP Pocket Reference
PHP Pocket Reference


Php3: Programming Browser-Based Applications
Php3: Programming Browser-Based Applications

Professional PHP Programming
Professional Php Programming


PHP3 and MySQL Web Development
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