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Chili!Soft ASP

Blue Reef now supports using Chili!Soft ASP, a fully-compliant ASP interpreter compatible with Microsoft ASP, to ensure that applications developed with Microsoft ASP will run seamlessly on your Solaris Virtual Server.

With a wide range of support, Chili!Soft is a powerful, yet easy to use tool for designing and managing dynamic Web sites. Chili!Soft supports JScript and VBScript ASP layout, plus a wide range of database interfaces, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. In addition, Chili!Soft can connect to most remote databases.

Develop ASPs for Chili!Soft directly, or by using any of several popular Web site design tools, including Microsoft FrontPage and InterDev, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive!, and Allaire HomeSite. This wide range of support makes Chili!Soft a powerful, yet easy to use tool for designing and managing dynamic Web sites.

NOTE: Chili!Soft and ColdFusion will not work on the same Virtual Server. Be sure to have only one or the other installed on any one Virtual Server.

Chili!Soft ASP can be added to your Solaris Virtual Server by sending an email request. There is a nominal monthly charge for Chili!Soft ASP.

When Chili!Soft is installed on your Virtual Server, the Chili!Soft daemon process called caspd will start up automatically. You may also see a process called caspeng running. If caspd is not running, enter the following at your Telnet/SSH command prompt
    % startcasp
To stop your Chili!Soft server for any reason, enter the following at your Telnet/SSH command prompt
    % stopcasp

NOTE: The Chili!Soft Administration Console is not available on your Virtual Server. The functions available through the Administration Console can be modified by manually editing the Chili!Soft configuration files or using the command line Admin Tool (admtool).

Your Chili!Soft configuration settings are in a text file at ~/usr/local/casp/asp-apache-3000/casp.cnfg on your Virtual Server. No changes to the default casp.cnfg file are needed unless you are setting up advanced options such as turning on or off Virtual Subhosting, or adding applications.

Other Usage Options
Access sample ASP sites, test utilities, and documentation for Chili!Soft at any of these URLs:

Blue Reef supports Chili!Soft ASP installation and configuration. Chili!Soft supports the actual use of their product. Refer to the Chili!Soft Web site for supporting documentation, FAQs, and forums.

Obtain email and phone support for Chili!Soft ASP by purchasing the Chili!Soft Standard Support plan. Contact Chili!Soft sales for more information:
Phone (425) 818-1122
FAX: (425) 562-9565

Advanced Chili!Soft Configuration

Chili!Soft ASP and Databases

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