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    MySQL Overview
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MySQL Overview
MySQLMySQL is a relational database management system (rdbms) that provides users with a powerful multi-user, multi-threaded SQL (Structured Query Language) database solution. It is fast, robust, and easy to use. MySQL is provided free of charge on all our Virtual Servers.


Version 3.23.37 is available for use on all FreeBSD and Solaris Virtual Servers.

Connect to your Virtual Server using Telnet or SSH and run the MySQL installation script by typing:

    % vinstall mysql

This program will install all the necessary files for you to run MySQL in ~/usr/local/mysql.

This command will also start the MySQL daemon running on your Virtual Server and setup the Virtual Server to restart the MySQL daemon whenever your Virtual Server's host server reboots.

Restarting MySQL

If you need to restart the MySQL daemon from the command prompt, you may do so using the following command:
    % /usr/local/bin/daemon -f /usr/local/bin/virtual/ /usr/local/mysql/bin/safe_mysqld --pid-file=/usr/local/mysql/var/ 
NOTE: After you install MySQL it is not necessary to run the mysql_install_db as described in Section 6.7 of the MySQL manual.

The MySQL Client
To use the MySQL client type:

    % virtual /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u root

This command will start the MySQL client as the root user. You can add more users by following the directions in Section 6.8 -- Adding new user privileges in the MySQL users manual.

Documentation and Support

Manpages are also available on each Virtual Server host server and can be accessed by typing the following during a Telnet or SSH session with your Virtual Server:

    % man -M $HOME/usr/local/mysql/man mysql

Please note: While Blue Reef offers this solution, we do not provide technical support for MySQL beyond the installation procedure which is presented above. Consult the manual or numerous other resources located at the MySQL web site for further assistance.


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