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Database Solutions

Your Internet presence may require a database solution. Each of the database solutions below are freely available for easy installation and use on your Virtual Server.

Database Description
mSQL mSQLmSQL is a lightweight database engine created to allow fast support and access of stored data without requiring large amounts of memory. This database engine provides a powerful capability for accessing databases within the Virtual Server environment.
MySQL MySQLMySQL provides users with a powerful multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database solution that is fast, robust, and easy to use.
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL is a powerful relational database management system that is similar to Ingres. PostgreSQL retains the powerful data model and rich data types of POSTGRES, it replaces the PostQuel query language with an extended subset of SQL.

Additional Options and Documentation

Microsoft Access
We have provided additional documentation on using the above database solutions with your MS Access databases.

Connect to a MySQL database via ODBC.
Miva is another database solution included in the Web Development Tools section of this web site. The Miva script has database capabilities when combined with the Miva Empressa engine, which we provide free with our Virtual Servers.

Miva Empressa engine

Documentation for these database tools is listed on the Add-on Help Page.

PHP Development


mSQL User's Guide

mySQL User's Guide

PostgreSQL User's Guide

CGI Scriptorium

Server Add-ons


Programming the Perl DBI
Programming the Perl DBI


Building Database Applications on the Web Using PHP3
Building Database Applications on the Web Using PHP3

The Data Webhouse Toolkit
The Data Webhouse Toolkit

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