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CGi Library of scripts to help you do business with your Virtual Serve and to have a better web site.

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CGI Scriptorium

Each of the useful CGI programs below are available for easy installation on your Virtual Server. Some have been custom created for your use, while others were contributed by outside parties.

For more scripts and tools, see also the Add-On section.

CGI Description
FormMail This popular script is an easy way to handle form content and have it mailed to some specified address. The form can also be modified to send an automated response back to the remote client. Modified to correct security problems.
PGP FormMail This script is an easy way to handle form content and have it mailed to some specified address encrypted with your PGP public key. The form can also be modified to send an automated response back to the remote client.
Dynamically count the number of times a page is accessed and display that count with numeric digits or graphical digits.
Count 2.5 Record and display the number of hits to a web page. This CGI generates a GIF image of the number of hits and returns an in-lined image to the Web browser.
Guestlist Create a form to allow clients to "sign in" and post remarks to a guest list. Custom.
Control access to a particular directory on your web server using password protection. Administrate users, groups, and access permissions using a web based utility. Custom.
URL Redirect Allow visitors to your web site to "jump" from location to location using a simple form.
Check the availability of a domain name ending with any of the international tld's (top level domains). Custom.
Whois Perform a query exclusively on the InterNIC database (which includes the ".com", ".net", and ".org" top level domain names).
DNS Modification Tools Templates and tools to assist your customers in transferring a registered domain name to your site. Custom.
Excite This search tool is no longer available with Blue Reef Virtual Servers. We recommend you use SWISH-E instead.
SWISH-E Build a keyword index of the pages on your site and provide a search form to allow visitors to perform searches of your Web site.

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