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Domain Name Transfer Guidelines

If you currently have a domain name registered that you would like to use with a new Virtual Server System, but it is currently being hosted by another provider, then please refer to the guidelines outlined below. By following these simple steps, you will be able to effect a seamless transfer from your current hosting provider to us.

If you have any specific questions about transferring your domain name that are not answered in this document, please do not hesitate to contact our Hostmaster.

Transferring a Domain to your Virtual Server
  1. Order
    You may order a domain to be included on Virtual Server at the time you order your server or any time later. If your domain is not yet registered with your domain registrar (e.g. InterNIC), we will register the domain for you.

    If your domain is already registered with your domain registrar , you will need to modify your domain record. Please refer to our DNS Modification Tools for more information.

    Blue Reef's DNS Servers are as follows:
    Primary:      NS1.BLUEREEF.NET
    Secondary:   NS2.BLUEREEF.NET

  2. Upload
    After your new Virtual Server System has been configured, upload your existing content from your current hosting provider to your new Virtual Server using any FTP client.

  3. Wait
    After you modify your Domain Name Service (DNS) information for a domain located on another server, you will want to have both web sites active for a period equivalent to the "time to live" (TTL) information for your domain name. The time to live is the amount of time that any name server on the Internet is allowed to cache the data (such as the IP address) associated with your domain name. After the time to live expires, a name server discards cached data and contacts the authoritative name server (the Primary or Secondary Name Server for your domain name) to retrieve updated data.

    In short, don't cancel your current account with your previous hosting provider until after a time equivalent to your TTL has elapsed. You can check the current TTL information for your domain name by entering your domain name in the text field below and selecting the "Check TTL" button.

    Your TTL information should be highlighted in bold.

  4. Cancel
    Now that the TTL for your domain name has expired (see previous step), you can safely cancel your account with your previous hosting provider.

  5. Enjoy!
    You should be set to go with your new Virtual Server. Please contact our Hostmaster if you have any questions not answered in this document.

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