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CGi Library of scripts to help you do business with your Virtual Serve and to have a better web site.

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Count 2.5

Count 2.5 is a CGI program to keep record of the raw hits of a web page. It generates a GIF image of the number of hits and returns to the browser as an in-lined image. The program also has a run-time option not to show the digit images, this way the hits can be kept without displaying it. The hits can be be monitored without incrementing from a separate page as well. Almost all of the features are run-time options.

To install the Count 2.5, Telnet or SSH to your Virtual Server and unpack the Count 2.5 tar file.
    % cd (this will put you in your home directory)
    % vinstall count
Using Count 2.5
The Count 2.5 CGI has already been compiled for your use. All that you need to do is create a test page with the appropriate HTML source and try it out. Examples of HTML source that can be used are given below:
    <img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?dd=B|frgb=69;139;116&df=home.dat" align=absmiddle>

    <img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?frgb=69;139;116&display=clock" align=absmiddle>
This will create the following counters:


Local documentation will be installed on your Virtual Server when you install the Count 2.5. This documentation can be accessed in the following directory:

This documentation is also available at the Count 2.5 web site:

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