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Java Library

Java, developed by Sun Microsystems, is a simple, programming language that allows Internet sites to perform a huge range of new functionality: animation, live updating, two-way interaction, and more. Java applets allow cross-platform programmability and can be embedded right into HTML pages.

Java Compilers and Java Virtual Machine
To use the Java Bytecode Compiler, a Java Virtual Machine (Interpreter) and "Just-In-Time" Compiler, and Java Native Compiler, please refer to our instructions in the Server Add-ons section of the Blue Reef Virtual Server Web Site.

Java Resources
Below is a sampling of Java Applet Resources available. See also our JavaScript Library.

Resource URL
The O'Reilly Catalog Site of Java related books
The Java Lobby represents the needs and concerns of the Java developer and user community
JavaWorld is an electronic magazine for the Java community of developers and enthusiasts
JARS provides ratings for Java applets available on the Internet
The quintessential Java Applet Directory on the Internet
This online Java Journal includes many good articles on Java issues
Sun\'s Authoritative Java Resources


Using the Java Interpreter

CGI Scriptorium

JavaScript Library


Recommended Java Books


Java in a Nutshell
Java in a Nutshell

Java in a Nutshell: Deluxe
Java in a Nutshell: Deluxe

Java Examples in a Nutshell
Java Examples in a Nutshell


Java for the World Wide Web
Java for the World Wide Web


Core Web Programming
Core Web Programming

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