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Administrative Utilities  to help you manage your Virtual Server.

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Shell Administrative Utilities

To find out whether your virtual server is running FreeBSD or Solaris, use the uname command:
    % uname
Occassionally, while running a program from the shell prompt you may receive an "out of memory" error. You can temporarily increase your memory resource allocations by invoking the unlimit command.
    % unlimit
    % <your command>

(This command is available in certain shells as ulimit.) Unlimit will temporarily give you the memory resources you need to complete your task, and then return your virtual server to its default memory allocations once your task has completed.

This command is for momentary instances of increased memory need. If you consistently need more memory on an ongoing basis, we recommend you upgrade your server.

Man Pages
You can configure your Virtual Server to view manual pages in your Virtual Server directory structure. Simply add the following line to the ~/.cshrc file on your Virtual Server:
    alias man man -m '/usr/home/LOGIN/usr/local/man'
To make this change effective, invoke the source command:
    % source ~/.cshrc

Restarting Apache
Use the restart_apache command to restart your Virtual Server web server:
    % restart_apache
You do not need to restart your web server if you make changes to the httpd.conf file - these changes automatically take effect. If you change other files, such as the mime.types and the optional srm.conf and access.conf files, you must restart the Apache web server.

Daemon Auto-Reboot
Blue Reef provides each of its Virtual Server Administrators with the ability to automatically start daemons¹ during host server reboot. This service insures that important programs that you rely on are restarted when a server is taken down after scheduled maintenance and rebooted.

To take advantage of this feature, you just add the path to the programs you would like to run at system startup to your ~/etc/rc file:
     ~/usr/local/<program name>

¹ - A daemon is a server process initiated at boot time that waits in the background until its service is required. Contrary to popular convention, which demonically pronounces it DEE-mon, it is actually a Greek word that is pronounced DIE-mone (similar to diamond) and has no evil significance.

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