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Administration Utilities
Administrative Utilities Overview
Ace Admin Console - a java-based solution
Telnet and SSHTelnet and SSH
Schedule Events with Cron
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Administrative Utilities

Blue Reef gives you a variety of free tools to help make managing your Virtual Server a snap. Select the program name to learn more about it.

Admin Control
This java-based console has a graphical user interface to let you perform such tasks as setting up new accounts, managing mail aliases and autoresponders, and managing files.
Telnet/SSH You can connect directly to your server's shell command prompt via telnet or secure shell.
Automation Description
This server utility lets you schedule server tasks to perform automatically on a one-time or repeat basis.
Mini-Utilities Description
uname Identify your server type
unlimit Get more memory for temporary tasks
Restarting Apache Restart apache after modifying server configuration files
Editing some files requires you to reboot your web server. This utility tells the server to automatically reboot each time those files are edited.

Virtual Server Basics

Remote Administration

Configuring your Web Server

Advanced Server Topics

Configuring Virtual Subhosts


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Apache Server For Dummies


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Unix: Visual Quickstart

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