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iManager Web-based utility to manage files on your Virtual Server.

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iManager Web-based utility to manage files on your Virtual Server.
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iManager is a server administration utility that runs in your favorite web browser and makes server administration much easier by providing wizards that walk you through the most common and time-consuming tasks.

NOTE: iManager 2.0 is currently a beta product. It has been rigorously tested and has proven to be extremely stable thus far.

iManager 2.0 will be upgraded frequently. The "About iManager" menu option will tell you what version you are running and if there is a more current version available. Any bugs or suggestions should be submitted to the Web Development Team.

  • File Manager
    The File Manager gives you the ability to easily upload files from your personal computer to your Virtual Server. Once uploaded, you can edit those files, change the permissions, and much more. Forget about cryptic FTP and Telnet programs, iManager makes file management quick and easy.

  • Mail Manager
    Never has email been so easy! The web-based email client featured in the Mail Manager allows you to send and receive email messages from any computer with an Internet connection and a browser. iManager makes email simple because you don't have to configure a client program to connect through your proxy to your POP, IMAP, and SMTP servers.

  • Tools and Wizards
    These wizards walk you through the step-by-step process of managing email and FTP user accounts, creating email aliases and autoreplies, and protecting yourself from spam (unsolicited commercial email).

  • Preferences
    Certain aspects of the File Manager, Mail Manager, and the administrative Tools and Wizards can be customized to your own liking. For example, by default you are prompted to confirm the removal of a file or a mail message. Using the Preferences wizards, you can turn this confirmation off.

iManager and Virtual Subhosting
iManager empowers your Virtual Subhost customers to manage their own accounts using the comfortable, easy-to-use iManager environment. Available features include:

  • Changing their password and viewing their quota and usage
  • Uploading and editing files to their home directory
  • Sending and receiving email through the web-based Mail Manager

Additionally, iManager will help you successfully manage the configuration of Virtual Subhost email accounts.

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