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Cron (Event Scheduler)

Blue Reef Virtual Servers let you schedule programs to run automatically with a server daemon called cron. Cron reads a file of dates and commands that you build in a cron table, or "crontab" for short. With your individual crontab, you can tell the system to run a command at any specified time on any date.

Creating a Crontab
Please refer to the Crontabs Page to see how to create a crontab. You will find some examples of different types of scheduling.

Installing a Crontab
After you have defined the cron table entries in your cronjobs file, you will need to register your crontab with the system. This can be done by running the command "crontab". For example, if you created your crontab file and named it "cronjobs" and stored it in your home directory, then Telnet or SSH to your Virtual Server and type the following command:

    % crontab cronjobs

This will register your cron table file with the cron system daemon. If you ever need to review the current cron entries you have registered with the cron system daemon, you need simply type:
    % crontab -l

Creating Crontab files

Rotating Server logs with Cron

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