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Recommended Books to help you do business with your Virtual Server.

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Recommended Books
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Database Programming BooksDatabase Programming
DHTML, Java, & JavaScript BooksDHTML, Java, & JavaScript
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PHP and Miva BooksPHP and Miva Books
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Recommended Books

Blue Reef has selected some books to help you better run your Virtual Server and develop your web sites. We've divided our book selections into categories by subject topic as well as by publisher. Some books may appear in multiple categories.

Don't forget to check out Blue Reef's favorite titles as well!

By Topic

Database Programming
MySQL, PHP, perl DBI, data warehousing, application building...

DHTML, Java, JavaScript
Sample scripts, programming techniques, reference materials...

Security, solutions, strategies, business rules, web stores...

Microsoft FrontPage
Developer's guide, FrontPage 98 and 2000...

Real media, audio files, streaming media, shockwave, director...

Scripting techniques, recipes, reference...

PHP and Miva Development Tools

PHP, Miva, MySQL

Site Design & HTML
Site organization, planning and conceptualization, graphic design, HTML, DHTML...

Web Security
Secure sockets layers, PGP, CGI-wrap...

Web Servers
Apache web servers, UNIX commands, programming tools...

By Publisher

Adobe Press
"Classroom in a Book" series, more...

O'Reilly Publishers
Everyone's favorite tech publisher!

Great for quick reference manuals, these use pictures and examples rather than lengthy explanations to teach.