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Backup Frequency

"How often is my site backed up?"

The Blue Reef Virtual Server backup system has built-in triple redundancy. Our Virtual Server System has a disk mirroring system that enables us to have constant backup capability on a separate drive - should the primary drive fail, the secondary drive can be immediately swapped into its place. A second backup is made to the system volume (on yet another separate disk spindle) every other day. A third backup is made to tape weekly.

To access the mirrored backup drive for your virtual server type "cd /backup/home/USERNAME" in a Telnet/SSH session (where USERNAME is the name you login with). This will take you to the complete copy of your virtual server. Navigate to the path you want and then copy the file(s) over to your server. An example is given below:

    domain: {1} % cd /backup/home/username
    domain: {2} % cd usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs
    domain: {3} % ls
    domain: {4} % cp index.html ~username/www/htdocs


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