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Apache::ASP provides an Active Server Pages port to the Apache Web Server and lets you develop dynamic web applications with session management and embedded Perl code.

NOTE: Apache::ASP only supports ASP code already written in Perl. To use Apache::ASP with NT/Windows/IIS ASP pages written in VBScript, the ASP code must be rewritten in Perl.

Connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and simply follow these easy steps to install Apache::ASP:
  1. Install the mod_perl Dynamic Module.

  2. Install the Perl LWP library:

      % vinstall perl-lwp

  3. Use vcpan to install the Apache::ASP dynamic module:

      % vcpan Bundle::Apache::ASP

  4. Add the following lines to your web server configuration file (~/www/conf/httpd.conf) to make a place for Apache::ASP to reside:

    <Files ~ "\.asp$">
     ## tell Apache to give .asp files to mod_perl
     SetHandler perl-script
     ## tell mod_perl to give .asp files to Apache::ASP handler
     PerlHandler Apache::ASP
     ## set global home
     PerlSetVar Global /tmp
     ## set state home (each ASP application has its own
     ## unique state directory)
     PerlSetVar StateDir /tmp/test_app
     ## use strict
     PerlSetVar UseStrict 1
     ## debug information
     PerlSetVar Debug 1
  5. Restart Your Web Server:

    % restart_apache

  6. Make a simple Apache::ASP page and place it in your ~/www/htdocs directory:

    <title>Apache::ASP Test</title>
    For loop incrementing font size: <p>
    <% for(1..5) { %>
         <!-- iterated html text -->
         <font size="<%=$_%>" > Size = <%=$_%> </font> <br>
    <% } %>
  7. Fetch the page with a web browser and watch it work!

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