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Why use Blue Reef Virtual Servers?

Blue Reef's unique Virtual Server System gives you the fastest, most flexible Servers for hosting your web sites on the Internet today.

Our unique Virtual Server System is based on the idea of multiplexing a single physical server into multiple virtual machines or servers, each with its own Internet Protocol (IP) address and domain name.

You get the flexible features and controls of a dedicated server, but at a shared web hosting price.

Powerful Savings
By sharing a physical server (and the high speed OC12 bandwidth), you will save thousands of dollars on the hardware and personnel, as well as the time needed to install, maintain, and serve a dedicated connection

Powerful Connectivity
The Blue Reef Virtual Server System is far easier to manage because we set it up for you. And, to make it even easier, Blue Reef offers easy-to-use utilities such as iManager allow you to remotely administer your Server. Furthermore, Blue Reef's Virtual Server System offers tremendous Internet connectivity via multiple OC12's through a tier one backbone which consistently ranks among the fastest on the Internet as measured by Keynote Systems.

Powerful Customization
Each Virtual Server includes your own set of private-labelled virtual services-- HTTP (web), FTP, POP, IMAP, and SMTP-- all operating in a "virtual environment," independent of any other account. This gives you the flexibility to customize your Virtual Server to meet your own needs.

Your Virtual Server will include an entire httpd directory tree. You will have your own cgi-bin, configuration files (httpd.conf,, passwd, and aliases files), and log files. You have complete control of your Virtual Server, including the ability add software and modules as you wish.

Technological Advantages
Review our technology comparison to see why Blue Reef technology is unsurpassed. We are certain that you, after careful study, will find that the Blue Reef Virtual Server System is simply the most powerful, the most flexible, and the most cost effective solution you will find on the Internet.

Competitive Pricing
Compare Blue Reef Server prices to our competitors.

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