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Innovative Virtual Server Technology

Blue Reef's Virtual Server System combines the latest in hardware components and the fastest network connectivity coupled with innovative software, remote administration, and security solutions. A detailed presentation of Blue Reef's Virtual Server Technology is given below.

Hardware Components
  FreeBSD Solaris
CPU Dual Pentium III CPUs 440 MHz SPARC Ultra AXI CPU
CPU Speed SPECint95 = 15.8¹  
Operating System FreeBSD 4.2 UNIX Solaris 2.6 UNIX
Main Memory 512 MB 50 ns ECC Viking memory 1 GB RAM
Disk Technology 3 high speed (10,000 RPM) Seagate drives
2 "Ultra SCSI 2" disk I/O channels
3 high speed (10,000 RPM) Seagate drives
2 "Ultra SCSI 2" disk I/O channels
Disk Volumes 36 GB User Volume
36 GB Live Mirror of User Volume
36 GB 24-hour user volume backup
Data Backup Triple backup of data provided:
1) Live mirror of User Volume on secondary drive, 2) Compressed archive stored on System Volume, 3) Digital tape archive
Network Card Connected to Cisco 5500 switch via dedicated, full-duplex DEC 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
Power Backup Liebert UPS with 1 hour battery, backed up by a 250kW Onan/Cummins diesel generator with 36 hours of fuel
 Network Connectivity
Internet Connections United States:
Multiple Verio OC12s (620 MBps) and OC3s (155MBps)
100 MBps and DS3 (45 MBps)
Router Core Cisco 7500's - equipped with redundant power supplies and redundant route processors.
Server LAN Connections Cisco 5500 High-speed Ethernet switches (96 Full-duplex 10 Mbps ports each) equipped with redundant power supplies and redundant route processors.
Keynote Rating Keynote Systems consistently rates our main connection network as one of the fastest available in the United States.
 Innovative Software
Web Server Software Custom-built Apache 1.3
Dynamic module support
Shell account access
Multiple domain support; and log files
FTP Server Anonymous and non-anonymous
Multi-user FTP with file system quotas
Anti-"warez" features
User secure directories
POP Server Unlimited POP3 email accounts
IMAP Server Unlimited IMAP email accounts
SMTP Gateway Private gateway for sending mail
Full support for aliases, autoresponders and mail lists.
Anti-spam features included.
Other Software CGI scripts, java applets, and other third-party programs available; flexibility to install ecommerce, multimedia and other software packages
 Advanced Administration
Remote Mangmt. On-site facilities manager performs necessary hardware installation and replacement
Remote Admin. Access your server via Telnet/SSH, FTP, and more; perform simple server administrative tasks using or iManager.
  Aggressive Security
"Sandbox" Configuration Virtual Server resides in an independent, protected 'sandbox' with its own resources; other clients can't affect your security
Known security patches are applied when they are released (or even before they are released) by OS vendor
Potentially insecure (suid) programs are removed or disabled on system. Necessary potentially insecure programs are compiled with runtime, bounds checking are reviewed for security problems
Alert System
Hacking Alert System immediately pages systems administrators

  ¹ - Check out our SPEC description page for the complete explanation of SPECint95.

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