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Solaris Server Add-Ons

Our Solaris servers support a wide variety of Add-On software. The Solaris operating system supports more enterprise applications than any other UNIX platform!



  • iManager - Virtual Server Administration Suite

  • Multi Domain

  • Domain Names¹ and Virtual Subhosting support

  • Commerce

    SSL¹ - Web Server Encryption

    Web App

  • Allaire ColdFusion¹
  • Miva
  • PHP4
  • Java, Java Servlets, and Java Server Pagessupport
  • Chili!Soft ASP support
  • Perl5, Python, and TcL scripting languages
  • CGI Library including counters, guestlists, and more

  • Database

  • MySQL
  • MS Access
  • PostgreSQL

  • Multimedia

  • RealServer³ media streaming application
  • Shockwave Flash support

  • Web Site

  • Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions

  • Web Log

  • Analog
  • The Webalizer
  • WebTrends Log Analyzer³ support

  • Mail &

  • E-Mail Autoreply
  • PGP
  • Majordomo - Mailing List Utility
  • Procmail - E-Mail Sorting and Filtering Utility

  • Groupware

  • TWIG - Web-Based E-Mail and More
  • ¹ Fee applicable     ² Available soon     ³ License required

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