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Innovative Software

Blue Reef has had our software reworked - and in many cases improved - to create the most advanced hosting solutions available today. Even the operating systems have been altered and improved.

Customized Operating System


Virtual Servers A, B, C, and M are running a customized version of FreeBSD Unix O/S. This operating system is used to power over 30% of the Internet, including such popular sites as Yahoo!,, and Hotmail.
Blue Reef also gives you Unix shell account access so you can Remotely Administer your Virtual Server. By using a Telnet or SSH client, you can connect to your Virtual Server from anywhere in the world, and log in as if you were sitting right in front it.

Solaris O/S

In January 2001 we unveiled our newest virtual server product: Solaris Virtual Servers.

The Solaris Virtual Server combines Sun's Solaris operating system with powerful SPARC hardware and Blue Reef Virtual Server Technology to provide maximum performance, reliability, and scalability. Additionally, key e-Business applications like ColdFusion and Chili!Soft ASP are now available.

Customized Web Server

Apache Web Server

All Virtual Server HTTP service is now provided by a customized Apache web server. Features include:
    More efficient handling of HTTP requests
    Improved protection against process loading
    Better error recovery
    Dynamic Module support
    User-Installed digital certificate support

Internet Services


Our Virtual Servers feature FTP, POP, IMAP, and SMTP services. This gives you ultimate control over your email and Upload/Download services. Our advanced Virtual Servers allow you to create as many email aliases, email accounts, and FTP accounts as you want.

Add-On Software

FREE Extra software for your Server

Our Virtual Servers allows you to extend your web site's functionality with all kinds of server Add-Ons. These include, but are not limited to:
Many of these programs are provided absolutely free of charge! PLUS, you can install and use almost any other software program you choose.

Our Customized Apache Web Server

Virtual Server Features

Server Add-Ons

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