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Server A - Basic Virtual Server

Perfect for those seeking to create a basic yet powerful Internet presence. This Virtual Servers comes with 250 MB of disk space and a single private email account. This Virtual Server also allows you to create unlimited email aliases with your own domain name for forwarding to POP email accounts.

Save $29! Now only $40/month.

Server A Features- $40/month; $50 setup
250 MB Disk Space
Superior high speed Internet connectivity
Virtual HTTP (Web) Service -
* complete set of config files
* complete set of log files
* full cgi-bin access
Virtual SMTP Service -
* unlimited email aliasing
* autoresponder support
* mailing list support
* anti-spam features
Virtual POP Service (10 POP mailboxes ) -
Virtual IMAP Service (10 IMAP mailboxes ) -
FTP, Telnet, and SSH access
Microsoft® FrontPage® support
Windows File Sharing
No additional bandwidth usage fees
Triple file backup

More Features
See ALL the Virtual Server features here.

See our Price List. Also, compare Blue Reef's prices to our competitors.

Server Add-Ons
You can add almost any software package to extend your Virtual Server's capabilities. Blue Reef gives you many of them free. Our free Server Add-ons include products such as Microsoft FrontPage, CyberCash, mSQL, and RealAudio.

Order a Basic Virtual Server (A) Today!
Order a Virtual Server A.

Server B -
Full Featured Server

Server C -
Enhanced Full Featured Server

Server M -
Miva Merchant Server

Server N -
Private NameServer

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