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Blue Reef Virtual Servers
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Blue Reef Virtual Server
Technology Comparison

A Virtual Server is all about control, and Blue Reef lets you have it in abundance.

All of the Virtual Server's software – web, ftp, and pop services, as well as the SMTP mail gateway – is completely independent of every other Virtual Server on the physical server, affording you complete flexibility, control, and power over how your Internet services behave.

See how a Virtual Server beats the technology of Virtual Hosting.

Software Technology
Virtual Hosting with
Multiple host configuration
Full Telnet and secure shell access
Graphic interface to Unix commands
Full CGI support for scripts in Perl, C++, Objective C, Java, TCL/Tk, Python, sh and more!
Free unlimited access to mail, access, ftp, and error log files
Customizable FTP features including anti-"warez" support and secure directories
Free Unlimited email POP accounts, quotas, aliases, autoresponders, forwarding
Full Control over and aliases files for using Majordomo etc.
Multiple database support including mSQL, mySQL, miva, and postgreSQL
Free RealAudio/Video, PHP/FI, SSL, SSI, CyberCash, MS FrontPage
"Clean" email headers*
* You will not see "" anywhere in your detailed email headers nor in the email messages you send. Also, when you type "hostname" at your Telnet prompt in your Virtual Server you will see your own domain name, not the Blue Reef machine name. As far as anyone knows, you have your very own dedicated server located in your office.

Server and Network Highlights
    Checkmark Proven Intel Pentium III and SPARC technology.

    Checkmark Each Blue Reef Virtual Server has two high-speed disk I/O channels and use advanced Ultra SCSI disk technology.

    Checkmark 50ns EDO/ECC (Error Check and Correcting) memory

    Checkmark Properly load-balanced physical servers, giving more power for each Virtual Server. Blue Reef places placing fewer than 100 accounts on each of its Servers.

    Checkmark High speed Cisco 7500 routers and Cisco 5000 switches. Each Server has its own dedicated, full-duplex (collision-less) connection. The routers have dual power supplies and dual route processors.

    Checkmark Redundant OC12s (620 Mbps) connections through Verio and Sprint Internet backbone providers. Blue Reef is also in the process of adding additional connections to even further improve its great connectivity.

    Checkmark Triple file backup of your data is offered using the following processes:
      CheckmarkAn online mirror drive that can be accessed anytime ("/backup").
      CheckmarkA compressed archive to a separate system volume.
      CheckmarkAn off-site tape archive.

    Checkmark UPS battery and generator backup power on all server and networking equipment.
By choosing Blue Reef, you choose control, you choose flexibility, you choose power.

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