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Do-it-Yourself vs.
Do-it-with-Blue Reef

Thinking about installing your own dedicated web server? Why bother with the headaches of doing it yourself?

Establishing a dedicated Internet connection and hosting solution at your place of business can be very expensive and completely unnecessary.


(dedicated server)
Blue Reef

(virtual server)
Setup Costs
Internet Server $5,000 $40/mo.*
Router $1,500 FREE
CSU/DSU $1,000
T1 Installation $300-$1,000
per line

OC12 lines,
400x faster than a T1
Monthly Costs
Frame Relay $200
Common Carrier Charges $1,000-$5,000
per line
Yearly Costs
Network Engineer $50,000+
Tech. Support Engineer $50,000+
Software & Hardware Upgrades thousands
*Actual monthly charge will vary according to which Virtual Server you choose.

When you consider the costs of a dedicated solution--purchasing and maintaining your own servers, redundant lines and then hiring the staff to keep it all running, you will soon realize the cost-effectiveness and power the Blue Reef Virtual Server system affords you.

The ISP Co-Location Approach:

Another less expensive alternative to a dedicated connection is to host or "co-locate" your Internet presence with your Internet Service Provider. As attractive as the low price may appear, however, the ISP hosting solution has traditionally lacked the necessary performance, technology, and connectivity to establish a truly effective and powerful Internet presence.

The Blue Reef Approach:

The Blue Reef hosting solution... a powerful and cost-effective alternative to a dedicated solution.

The Blue Reef Virtual Server System is built using a unique, but industry-proven design, utilizing the best components and proprietary technology.

Blue Reef Virtual Server Benefits
  1. Outsource the technical headache -- you can eliminate the technical commitment necessary to provide quality hosting to your customers.
  2. Free up technical resources -- concentrate your technical resources and staff on other purposes which will build the your company.
  3. Make hosting profitable -- get discounts of up to 50% when you purchase multiple accounts, or simply recoup your cost of one one server by renting out your server space to virtual subhosts.

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