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Price Comparison

Blue Reef Price Advantage
The table below compares the price and main features of the "large-sized" hosting packages offered by several hosting companies. Also note, however, the table below does not reflect all the additional features you get with a Virtual Server.

  Blue Reef AX VS AT WP
Bandwidth Free,
1 GB/mo 1 GB/mo 10 GB/mo 10 GB/mo
Extra Domains FREE $10/month
per domain
FREE $2/month $5/month
per domain
Telnet FREE FREE FREE limited $7/month
MySQL FREE FREE $10/ODBC no MS Access Not available
mSQL FREE Not available Not available no MS Access $30 setup; $15/month
PHP FREE FREE FREE Not available Not available
FrontPage 2000 Extensions FREE FREE Not available Not available Not available
Stats for Subhosts FREE FREE $5/month FREE FREE

Why Pay More For Less?
Blue Reef provides all of the capabilities and features you and your clients demand, and at a price that will allow your business to grow. Order your Virtual Server today!

Virtual Server Prices

Surcharge Comparison

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