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Performance Comparison

The following tables show comparisons on critical components of Internet hardware, software, and networking, using our Virtual Server B as a model.

Typical Hosting 
Accounts per Computer
 550 MHz Dual Pentium III Processors 
200 MHz MIPS
(SGI Origin 200)
CPU Benchmark¹
CPU Resources per User
Main Memory
512 MB 50ns ECC 
128 MB
Memory per User
1.83 MB
0.183 MB
"Ultra SCSI 2" disk I/O channels:
36 GB System Volume 
 36 GB User Volume 
 36 GB User Volume Mirror
2 GB System (Internal) 
 8 GB User (External) 
 No Mirror Volume 
Disk Space per User
 400 MB (mirrored) 
 20 MB (non-mirrored) 
Back-Up System
Triple Backup
Live-Mirrored Hard Drive
Compressed Tar Archive
Tape Archive
Single Backup
Tape Archive
¹ - Check out our SPEC description page for the complete explanation of the CPU Benchmark (SPECint95).

CPU Benchmark Test

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