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Virtual Server Flexibility Comparison

Flexible hosting solutions cannot be underestimated. With Blue Reef, you have complete control over how your Virtual Server functions, including:

Server Access
While most other hosting companies only allow you FTP access to the server, Blue Reef provides you with the best access flexibility in the business. Blue Reef gives you the flexibility to access your Virtual Server through a variety of means including anonymous and non-anonymous FTP, Telnet/SSH, Windows Fileshare.

Server Configuration

Blue Reef gives you complete control over all of your Virtual Server services - web (HTTP); FTP; and email (POP, IMAP, and SMTP).

For example, your Virtual Servers includes an entire HTTPd directory tree with your own cgi-bin, configuration files, and log files. You can customize and configure your Virtual Server's web service to immediately meet your specific needs. Similar flexibility is afforded for the other virtual services: FTP, POP, IMAP, and SMTP.

Subhosting Capability
There are two fundamental types of solutions for delivering web content: Virtual Hosts and Virtual Servers (compare). Virtual Hosting is only one of the many Blue Reef Virtual Server System. With a Blue Reef Virtual Server, you can partition your Virtual Server into several "virtual hosts," each mapped to a unique domain name. These virtual hosts have the same functionality that most other Hosting Providers offer as their base product. You can then sell your clients a virtual host for $10 or $20 a month and soon upgrade them to their own Virtual Server.

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