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Virtual Server Quiz

Are you getting the best you can from your web hosting?

I. Power
  1. Would you like your own private web server (, private ftp server (, and private mail servers ( and
  2. Would you like the power to act as your own web hosting provider?
  3. Would you like to resell your web server space to make extra money for yourself?
II. Control
  1. Would you like full administrative control to a web server (such as web configuration, email configuration, .htaccess, and mime types)?
  2. Would you like to install any software you want to help make your web site function (such as cgi scripts, server modules, shopping carts, or shell scripts)?
  3. Does your provider restrict your access to or charge you extra for use of a telnet shell account?
III. Performance
  1. Do you want faster server response?
  2. Do you want your web site's traffic to travel from your server on network lines that are over 400 times faster than a T1?
IV. Flexibility
  1. Would you like to be able to instantly change your account settings (such as email aliases, domain settings, subhosting quotas, or ftp account usernames and passwords)?
  2. Would you like to have your own diagnostic tools to instantly see how your web server is performing?
V. Save Time
  1. Does your current hosting provider take longer than ten minutes to edit your account configuration, such as email addresses or domain changes?
  2. Would you like free unlimited email autoresponders (aka. autoreplies)?
  3. Does your current web hosting solution let you configure your account to perform routine functions automatically (like remind you of your mom's birthday)?
VI. Value
  1. Would you like to register new domain names for less than half of Network Solution's price?
  2. Would you like to get over $1000 worth of free software (such as Miva Empresa, RealServer, FrontPage Extensions, SSH Server, Majordomo, PGP, and more) to help make your web site function better?
  3. Does your provider charge you monthly fees to use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for your ecommerce site?
  4. Would you like free unlimited data transfer (both to and from your server) of all files including text, graphics, audio, and video?
  5. Does your provider charge you extra to have multiple domains on your account?
  6. Would you like free unlimited email accounts with your own private domain?
  7. Would you like discounts on popular software packages and books?
VII. Choice
  1. Could you benefit from both PHP3 and PHP4 programming languages?
  2. Wouldn't you like free unlimited database abilities in several standards and protocols (ODBC, MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Miva)?
  3. Would you like unlimited domain names without additional monthly charges?
  4. Would you like to control the quotas, usernames, and passwords for all your subhosted accounts?
  5. Would like to control which of your subhosted domains can use SSI, SSL, or any other service on your account?
  6. Would you like to install any ecommerce package you choose on your account?
  7. Would like the ability to install any digital certificate you like for your account?
VIII. Ease of Use
  1. Would you like an easy graphic control panel to administer your account's quota, ftp users, email accounts, log files, diagnostic tools, and virtual hosts?
  2. Would you like easy-to-follow guides and instructions to take advantage of your server's advanced features?
IX. Price
    Would you like to get all the above dedicated server features at a web hosting price?

If you answered "Yes" to five or more questions above, then you want our Virtual Servers!
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