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Network Connectivity

Our Virtual Servers are connected to the Internet via the fastest, most reliable, and most extensive networks in the world.

Data Centers
Our premier data centers are state-of-the-art facilities with:
regulated power
dedicated Internet connections
on-site security
fire detection and suppression
24-hour monitoring
remote system administration
remote power control
Cisco 7500 routers with redundant power and route processors
Cisco 5500 switches (96 full-duplex 10 Mbps ports each) with redundant power and route processors
Full-duplex DEC 10/100 Mbps ethernet
Liebert UPS with 1 hour battery
250 kW Onan/Cummins diesel generator w/36 hours of fuel
Global DNS Failover (coming soon!)

Network Connections
Our data center is connected via Verio's global Tier-1 backbone, and is constantly monitored by our network operations center.

Our San Jose, California Data Center is located near MAE-West, the premier peering point on the west coast of the USA. Our Frankfurt, Germany Data Center offers greatly improved connectivity for our customers in Europe.

  Our Connections to the Internet Backbone
Sterling, VA
Verio Facility
Multiple OC12s (620 MBps each)
San Jose
San Jose, CA
Multiple OC12s (620 MBps each)
London, England
Verio Facility
STM-16 (2.5 Gbps)
STM-4 (622 Mbps)
Frankfurt, Germany
IX Europe Facility
2 x STM-4 (622 Mbps)

Verio Global Network Connectivity
Verio is a leading provider of global IP solutions, including highly reliable and scalable global infrastructure and systems.

Verio Network Map

(click map to enlarge)

Global DNS Failover using IP Anycast & BGP

Global DNS Failover offers many benefits including:
Fewer DNS queries failures.
Scalable to handle multiple name servers in multiple locations.
Improved performance and load-handling.

Here's how is works:
Data centers on both coasts announce the /23 aggregate. Both Data centers announce one /24 out of the larger /23 supernet. For example, San Jose will announce the upper /24 and Sterling will announce the lower /24. If San Jose fails to respond, DNS queries destined for San Jose will be routed to Sterling because Sterling will contain the next longest network match, the /23, and be fulfilled by the name servers there. logo
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