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Superior Virtual Servers



Get all the flexibility, control, and power of a dedicated server - but at the cost of web hosting.

Plus, our Virtual Servers are connected to the Internet via one of the fastest networks in the world.

Take this quiz to see if you're getting the most out of your web hosting provider!

Find out why Virtual Servers are much better than hosting!

  Complete configuration control  
  No hardware costs   
  Loaded with powerful software     
  Lots of support documentation   
  Super-fast OC12 connections to the Internet   
  Turnkey Ecommerce solutions    
  Databases: Miva, mSQL, mySQL, PostgreSQL    
  Dynamic Pages: PHP, CGI, ASP, Java  
  Special promotional offers   
  Flexible pricing plans   
  Triple file backups    
  Powerful security controls   

Additional benefits:

Host multiple domain names on your Virtual Server
Confidence that your online business remains "online" with redundant OC12 (155 Mbps) connections to the Internet through diverse Internet Providers.
Access your Server through our custom-created iManager Control Panel, Telnet/SSH, almost any FTP program, and Windows File Sharing.
Free Microsoft® FrontPage® extensions
The Blue Reef Support Problem Tracking System
Free bandwidth usage!
Independent cgi-bin with the ability to compile and run any cgi script or Java applet. You can also use any of CGI Scriptorium scripts, Java applets, and third party server add-ons.

Blue Reef Virtual Server Technology
As a leading Virtual Server technology provider, Blue Reef offers a superior Virtual Server System which gives you the power to control the complete configuration and settings of your Internet presence.


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